Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm an international student. How do I apply?

In addition to "application checklist" items listed above, international students must provide the following for their application to be considered complete:

  1. Demonstration of English language proficiency, normally achieved by presenting an acceptable score of 80 (IBT) on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or by holding a degree from an accredited English language college or university.
  2. Copy of the front of Permanent Resident Card (if applicable or, if you have filed the I-485 for a green card, a copy of the USCIS Receipt Notice)
  3. Confirmation of Financial Resources Form (F1 Visa holders only)
  4. Bank statement (F1 Visa holders only)

For more information on International Student Services, please visit:

I'm a non-degree seeking student. How do I apply?

For those who wish to enroll in graduate level courses but are not seeking a degree: They should be over 21 years old and have completed an undergraduate degree. The non-degree seeking application and copies of all transcripts are required. Contact the Neuhoff School of Ministry at for questions and additional information on enrolling. If at any time they wish to become candidates for a degree, they must submit an application and accompanying documents for regular admission into one of the programs. Only nine credits earned as a non-degree seeking student may be transferred toward the degree.

How do I apply for readmission?

Students previously enrolled who have not completed a course for three consecutive semesters without completing a leave of absence request will be placed on inactive status and must apply for readmission using our online readmission form. Applicants are required to meet current admission standards and be in satisfactory academic and financial standing. Readmitted students are also required to meet catalog requirements current at the time of re-application, which may require taking additional courses and repeating courses previously taken. Readmitted students may lose previously awarded financial aid or transfer credits.

What is your transfer credit policy?

Upon approval of the Dean, a maximum of nine graduate credits can be transferred from other units of the university or from similar programs at regionally accredited institutions. At the time of application, the student must petition the Dean for the transfer of credit and supply the proper documentation and description of the courses for which credit is sought.  Ministry students seeking to take courses outside the Neuhoff School of Ministry must have written permission from the Dean in advance.  A minimum of 28 credits must be taken from courses within the Neuhoff School of Ministry.


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