Braniff Salon

"The Distinctiveness of Disciplines & The Quest for Truth: Academic Disciplines in the Braniff Graduate School"

Join us at the spring semester Braniff Salon on Friday, March 3, 2017 to explore the distinct disciplines represented in the Braniff Graduate School's academic programs. What are they, why are they necessary and how do they relate to one another?

University of Dallas, Art History Auditorium
6 p.m. | Reception
7 p.m. | Panel Discussion

About the Event:

From its inception, the Braniff Graduate School has understood graduate education and the intellectual life through the lens of distinct academic disciplines. Master's and certificate programs were fashioned around eight disciplines, while the Institute of Philosophic Studies took a cross-disciplinary approach to doctoral studies. 

For this Braniff Salon, a representative from each of the disciplines in the Braniff Graduate School will explain what is distinctive about their discipline regarding its subject matter, methods and aims.

Join us as we consider these thought-provoking questions:

  • Is a given discipline sufficient in itself?
  • What is the relation of the disciplines to one another?
  • Is it valuable to have distinctions between disciplines at all? 

The Panelists:

Moderated by: Joshua Parens, Dean, Braniff Graduate School

  • Daniel Burns, Department of Politics
  • Teresa Danze, Department of Classics
  • William A. Frank, Department of Philosophy
  • Gilbert Garza, Department of Psychology
  • Dan Hammett, Department of Art
  • Andrew Moran, Department of English
  • Ronnie Rombs, Department of Theology
  • Amie E. Sarker, Department of Education

A tradition of conviviality 

The Braniff Salons have become popular events, bringing alumni, faculty, students and visitors together, usually on a Friday afternoon or evening. Members of our faculty are invited to make remarks and lead a panel discussion on a pre-arranged topic. The occasion is leavened by wine and food, with discussion lasting as long as wine and social energy avail.

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