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American Studies Courses

Group I (7 courses required)

Politics Courses: Constitutional Law, Public Policy, American Foreign Policy, The Presidency, Civil Rights, Congress, Hobbes, Rousseau, American Political Thought, U. S. Constitution, American Regime, American Progressive Movement

English Courses: Hawthorne, Melville, James, Augustan Literature, Southern Literature, Faulkner

Economics Course: The American Economy

History Courses: Seventeenth-Century America, Eighteenth-Century America, Age of Jefferson, Age of Jackson, The Civil War, America 1880–1920, America since 1920, American Catholic I & II, American South, American Intellectual History, American Women's History

Art History Course: History of American Art

Philosophy Course: American Philosophy

Other courses on distinctly American topics (with approval of program director and instructor).

Group II (3 courses required)

Economics Courses: Law and Economics, Western Economic History II

Philosophy Courses: Philosophical Anthropology, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Plato

English Courses: Shakespeare, Milton, Christian Epic, Classical Epic, Tragedy-Comedy

Politics Courses: Thucydides, Plutarch/Augustine/Machiavelli, Aristotle's Poetics, Plato's Republic

Theology Course: Social Justice

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