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Master's Program in Politics

The Master's Programs in Politics at the University of Dallas are unique in American higher education today. The programs combine the study of timeless classics of Western political thought with rigorous exploration of contemporary American politics and international affairs. We focus on the great themes and issues of political thought and experience: justice, equality, liberty, morality, religion, and human nature. Through a curriculum that ranges from the Greek polis, through the great Catholic thinkers of the Middle Ages, to the politics of contemporary liberal democracies, we challenge each student to master the most rewarding political works of the Western tradition and the American experiment in self-government. The twin missions of the Department of Politics are to teach students to examine politics from the perspective of political philosophy, and to educate its students for leadership in public affairs. The graduate programs of the Politics Department reflect these dual emphases. It offers a Ph.D. through the Institute of Philosophic Studies and M.A. and Master's degrees in Politics.

Monroe Tavern, Lexington, Mass. 1695.

Monroe Tavern, Lexington, Mass. 1695.

The program leading to a Master of Arts in Politics or a Master of Politics is a concentrated course of study in political philosophy and contemporary politics designed especially for students who intend to pursue careers in law, journalism, business, government, or other non-college teaching professions. It aims to develop and solidify the capacity of the student for truly independent and rigorous thinking about political, social, and moral questions. The course of study allows the student to study political philosophy free of the extraneous requirements of most universities. Many of the courses characteristic of the program involve a close reading of the texts of the Great Tradition of discourse on political order. The program is designed to enable the student to complete its requirements in a year of full-time study if he so desires. Summer school courses are sometimes offered and may be of particular interest to part-time students.

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