The Master of Arts Degree in Psychology is devoted to the recovery of some of the great traditions in 20th Century psychology often lost in the shuffle of current day clinical and research-oriented programs. Offering our students an array of courses in personality theory, psychodiagnostics, psychotherapy and health psychology, the Master's Program in Psychology also provides incisive courses in the history of psychology, as well as special topics classes ranging from primate studies to projective techniques. The distinguishing character of the program lies in its existential-phenomenological and historical orientation drawing upon the traditions of depth psychology, hermeneutics, humanistic psychology, and continental thinking.

Our classes are grounded in many of the seminal works of phenomenological psychology, clinical psychology, and personality theory, and our approach is one of hermeneutic retrieval with an aim to carrying forward and transforming work and ideas that are part of the living history of our discipline. Students in the program will read primary sources such as Husserl, Heidegger, Sartre, Beauvoir, Merleau-Ponty, Levinas, Freud, Jung, Adler, Rorschach, Horney, Boss, Allport and Rogers, to name but a few.

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