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Politics Doctoral Dissertations

Below are listed a number of the dissertations written by University of Dallas doctoral students. To view the abstract, click on the title of the dissertation.

"The Political Philosophy of Charles N.R. McCoy"

Tom Neumayr, 2011

"War and the Virtues: The Moral Basis of Thomistic Just War Theory"
Ryan Gorman, 2010

"Socrates' Case for the Just Life: A Study of the Crito, Republic, and Alcibiades 1"
Paul Diduch, 2010

"An Introduction to the Question of Nature, Rule, and the Common Advantage in Aristotle's Politics"
Andrea Diduch, 2010

"The Alarming Consensus in Administrative Law"
Joseph Postell, 2010

"Leo Strauss's Socratic Investigation of the Natural Law"
John Grant, 2010

"To Secure These Rights: Foreign Policy and the Principles of the American Founding"
Christopher C. Burkett, 2010

"Benjamin Franklin's Science of Virtue"
Kevin Slack, 2009

"Cosmic Design and Philosophic Rhetoric: An Analysis of Memorabilia 1.4"
Marcos Arandia, 2008

"Because Men Are Not Angels: The Understanding of Human Nature Informing the United States Constitution"
Lynn Geller Uzzell, 2008

"Richard T. Ely's Critique of Capitalism"
Luigi Bradizza, 2008

"A Defense of Moral Praxis: Karol Wojtyla's Acting Person"
Jameson Thomas Taylor, 2007

"Administration and the American Regime"
Kevin J. Portteus, 2006

"Moral Legislation in Early American State Constitutions and Legislation"
William George Miller, 2006

"Philosophy and Law: An Interpretation of Plato's Minos"
Steven Michael Thomason, 2005

"The Evolution and Interpretation of Due Process of Law"
Cynthia Stewart, 2005

"The Relation Between Thought and Civil Society: Equality and Inequality in the Political Philosophy of Jean-Jacques Rousseau"
David William Livingstone, 2004

"Xenophon's Socratic Rhetoric: A Study of the Symposium"
Dustin Avery Gish, 2003

"Shakespeare's Rape of Lucrece: A New Myth of the Founding of the Roman Republic"
Vicki E. J. Murray, 2003

"Building the Temple of Peace: The Statesmanship of Winston Churchill"
Justin D. Lyons, 2003

"The Political Philosophy of Alexander Hamilton"
Douglas Scott Broyles, 2003

"Exploring that Unexplored Clause of the Constitution: The Meaning of the 'Privileges and Immunities of Citizens' before the Fourteenth Amendment"
David Upham, 2002

"A Wealth of Notions: The Poverty of Rational Choice Theory"
Sean Sutton, 2001

"Aristotle on the Preservation of Tyranny in Politics V, II: An Education for Gentlemen, Philosophers, and Tyrants"
Stephen A. Shumaker, 2001

"St. John's Vision of the Heavenly City"
Warren Austin Gage, 2001

"Wisdom and Power in Cicero's de Officiis, Book 1"
Scott Thomas Barker, 2001

"The Good of Politics: The Social Encyclicals of Pope leo XIII on the Nature of the Common Good"
Joseph Allen Stibora, 200

"Against That 'Powerful Engine of Despotism': The Fourth Amendment and General Warrants at the Founding and Today"
Bruce Newman, 2000

"Development of Sexual Harassment Policy: A Case in Modern Liberal Government"
John ("Jack") Ormond, 1999

"Substantive Due Process: A Controversy of Justice and Legitimacy"
Sean Mattie, 1999

"One Dream or Two? Justice in America and in the Thought of Martin Luther King, Jr"
Nathan W. Schlueter, 1999

"John Locke and Citizenship: The Role of the Individual in the Lockean Political Order"
Michael L. Coulter, 1999

"Lockean Rhetoric and Toleration: The Place of Language in the Thought of John Locke"
Laurence D. Nee, 1998

"Shakespeare's King Lear with The Tempest: The Discovery of Nature and the Shakespearean Recovery of Natural Right"
Mark A. McDonald, 1997

"On the Art of the Legislator in Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America"
T. Daniel Tolleson, 199

"Plato's use of Homer's Poetry in Books 2 & 3 of the Republic: A Reading Employing Leo Strauss' Principle of Logographic Necessity"
Nicholas J. Janszen, 1996

"Teaching the Art of Learning Through Conversation: A Study of Plato's Statesman"
Michael S. Iachetta, 1996

"Cicero's de Finibus as Political Oratory"
Kenneth W. Collins, 1995

"Locke on Liberty: The Context for a Consideration of Reason and Civil Society"
Michael E. Pennell, 1995

"Magnum Opus et Arduum: A Commentary on the Structure of St. Augustine's De Civitate Dei"
Richard J. Dougherty, 1993

"The Political Philosophy of Jonathan Edwards"
Jeff Jay Stone, 1992

"The Tragedy of Shakespeare's Venice: Cosmopolitanism and Internal Collapse"
Cecilia Rodriguez Castillo, 1992

"Public Administration and the American Constitution"
Robert M. Schaefer, 1992

"Christianity in the Constitution: The Intended Meaning of the Religious Clauses of the First Amendment"
Archie Preston Jones, 1991

"Theory and Practice in Aristotle's Ethics"
Eric M. Salem, 1989

"A Critical Commentary on John Locke's Essays on the Law of Nature"
William Lindahl, 1986

"The Thought of John C. Calhoun: The Key to the Liberal Critique of American Politics"
Robert Jeffrey, 1985

"Introduction to Montesquieu: A First Reading of the Essay on the Causes Which Can Affect the Spirits and the Characters"
Sheryl Jo Brown, 1985

"The Stony Path: Eros, Land, and History in Caroline Gordon"
Virginia Lombardo Arbery, 1984

"The Surest Guardian of Liberty: Hamiltonian Statesmanship and the Creation of the American Union"
Mackubin T. Owens, 1982

"The Poetics and the Tempest: Prospero as Spoudaios and Comedy Saved."
Stephen Jerome Vanderslice, 1979*

"'Longinus' on Height: The Political Foundations Of Literary Criticism"
Guy Story Brown, 1979*

"Plato's Protagoras"
J. Patrick Coby, 1978

"The Anti-Federalists and the Agrarian Republic: Securing the Blessings of Liberty Through a Less Perfect Union"
J. Michael Bordelon, 1975*

"The Political Teaching of John Wise's Second Treatise on Ecclesiastical Government"
Donald J. Erler, 1975*

"The Politics of James Madison"
Alexander R. Landi, 1973*

"Shakespeare's Roman Tragedies: Self-glorification and the Incomplete Polity"
John Alvis, 1973*

An asterisk (*) indicates that the student received a Ph.D. in Politics and Literature, as was the case under the program's original configuration. Students now receive a Ph.D. in Politics in the Institute of Philosophic Studies

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