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IPS Fall Colloquium 2009

Homer and Vergil

Panel I (the Iliad)

Geoffrey Manzi, "Considering Weil's Treatment of Force and Suppliance in The Poem of Force and What It Means for Aristeia in Homer's Iliad"

Stephen Shipp, "Homer's Hector and the Intractibility of Homeric Excess"

Stephen Shivone, "Signs of Order in the Iliad"

Panel 2 (the Odyssey)

Kathryn Davis, "The Olive Tree and "the idea of order" in the Odyssey"

Timothy Dolch, "Penelope's Fortuitous Decision to Bring Out Odysseus' Bow"

Ethan Smilie, "Odyssean Wonder: Reckless Irreverence or Prudent Piety"

Panel 3 (the Aeneid)

Allan Carey, "The Reformation of an Erotic Man: A Study of Anchises"

Dwight Lindley, "The Labyrinthine Future of Youth in Book Five of the Aeneid"

Taylor Marshall, "Falsa Insomnia: The Platonic Significance of the Ivory Gate in Book VI of the Aeneid"

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