Graduate Student Resources

As of student at the Graduate School of Management, you can depend on being connected with bright and ambitious students, resourceful and acclaimed faculty, and a helpful and knowledgeable staff.

While you're here, we encourage you to take advantage of not only the people of the Graduate School of Management, but also the services of the Graduate School of Management.

Feel free to browse this site as there are many people and places right here on campus that will enhance your learning experience.

If you have questions, just contact us!

Admissions:  972.721.5004

Admissions (International): 972.721.4143

Banner: 972.721.5282

Bookstore: 972.721.5320

Braniff Communications Center: 972.721.5277

Business Office: 972.721.5244

Career Services: 972.721.5131

Computer Lab: 972.721.5030

E-Companion: 972.721.5216

Library: 972.721.5329

Student Records: 972.721.5282 
















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