Retake Guarantee

When you take the test in the testing window following your course and if you do not pass, you can retake the course tuition free - new materials might be required at your expense - if you meet the criteria below.

Criteria for Retaking the Course Tuition Free:

  1. Attendance:You MUST attend 3/4 of all your classes.  Weeknight classes: You must attend 9 of the 12 classes.  Weekend classes: You must attend 4 1/2 of the 6 classes.  Online: You must participate in each week's threaded discussion.
  2. Homework: You must complete all homework assigned by your instructor.
  3. Testing: You must take the PHR/SPHR Certification Test during the HRCI testing window immediately following the SHRM Learning System Prep Class you are enrolled in and not pass the PHR/SPHR Certification Test.  Please visit for testing dates.  The retake guarantee does not apply to students attempting to test for both the PHR and SPHR and pass either test.

    You can retake the class the next semester only.

    • If you took the Fall class and tested in the Winter testing window, you can retake the class in the Spring.

    • If you took the Spring class and tested in the Spring testing window, you can retake the class in the Fall.

  4. Certificate: You must receive a certificate of completion from your instructor. For a Certificate of Class Completion, another requirement is that you complete all web tests by the end of the course, excluding the 2 bonus tests, & achieve a minimum score of 80% on the Post Test
  5. Account Balance: You must have no outstanding balance due to the University of Dallas.
  6. Final Exam Test Score: Must get an 80% or higher on the final exam.

Retake class assignments:
Once open enrollment concludes for the SHRM Learning System courses, any person eligible for retake is assigned to an available space. You may indicate a preference on the retake registration form and we will try our best to fulfill your request but cannot guarantee your request will be honored. You will be notified prior to the first week of class once your assigned class has been determined.

Please Note: 
You may have to purchase new materials for your class if the materials have changed. This usually happens when your LearnHRM access code expires or when there are major changes from one year to the next in the course material. These materials can be purchased directly from us or from SHRM. If new materials are required you will not be able to retake the class without the required materials. This also applies if material is still current and the access code has expired.

To Register:
If you wish to sign up for the next term as a retake student please click on the link below.

Retake student registration form: Click here to register

As always, please feel free to contact the University with any questions or concerns. Phone: 972-721-5299