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What Can I Do With a Major in... Art and Art History

A degree in Art or Art History allows a student the opportunity to pursue a career in an art or art related field.  Such fields include studio or professional artisan work, education, graphic design, or fashion, just to mention a few.  Additionally, art history majors enjoy work in research fields, collection, art dealing, as well as curator positions and teaching.

Art and Art History majors will be able to find work in many different settings.  From museums to hands on art constructions, there is a wide variety of options for an art major to choose from.  Moreover, art majors are not restricted to careers which are directly focused on art.  Some graduates are able to work in marketing and communications, or a variety of other fields.

Sample Job Titles

Entry Level

Education + Experience

These job titles represent the types of positions most widely recruited for:

Employment Areas

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