Matrix Prints

Matrix is a term in printmaking that describes the elements – intaglio plate, litho stone, screen, and woodblock – from which prints take form.

The University has selected this term to identify a group of friends interested in supporting printmaking projects in the Art Department.

Membership in Matrix is to be limited to no more that 100 individuals or couples. Members will be invited to workshops, printmaking demonstrations, and seminars in the University's printmaking studios. Every spring semester a solo exhibition is held for the Matrix artist of the year. For one week the Matrix artist comes to the University and creates with the help of our students a limited edition print. Each member receives one of the prints. During a reception, the artist gives a talk or demonstration for the members so they can meet the artist, see a body of work, and get a first-hand experience of how their print was printed in our studio.

For information contact...
Juergen Strunck, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Art
Art Department University of Dallas
Irving, TX 75062

1985 - Michael Roschlau1986 - Richard Ash1986 - Maurice Gray1987 - Wayne Kimball1988 - Karen Kunc1989 - Thom Seawell1990 - Nancy Campbell1991 - Carol Summers1992 - Dennis Olsen1992 - Zdislaw Sikora1993 - Jane Goldman1994 - Barbara Elam1994 - Margaret Prentice1995 - Kim Tester1996 - Kimberly Paul Arp1996 - Robin McCloskey1997 - Richard Black1997 - Kate Borcherding1998 - Pam Longobardi1998 - Dave Morrison1999 - Sean Caulfield1999 - Jane Fasse2000 - Yuji Hiratsuka2001 - Walter Askin2001 - Laurie Sloan2002 - Mark Anderson2002 - Laura Moriarty2003 - Carol Wax2004 - Andrew Raftery2004 - Jean Sanders2005 - Bob Glasgow2005 - Rosalyn Richards2005 - Rosalyn Richards2006 - Michael Barnes2006 - Ashley Nason2007 - Mark Hosford2007 - Joel Peck2008 - Todd Anderson2008 - Joe D'Uva2009 - Melissa Harshman2010 - Margo Humphrey2010 - Anne McKeon2011 Endi Poskovic2012 - Nick Conbere2012 - Mario Kiran2013 - Keiji Shinohara

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