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Nick Wignall

Nick Wignall

B.A. English, 2007

Nick Wignall graduated with a UD English degree in 2007, and taught middle school English before searching further and making the decision to pursue a master’s degree in clinical psychology. He found the change to an empirically-oriented graduate school initially “shocking.”

“All of a sudden people were talking about p-values and within-subject treatment groups and I felt completely out of place. But surprisingly, these empirical inadequacies didn’t last long. Turns out all that stuff about the virtues of a liberal education are pretty true: once you get past the initial hump of learning a new field’s vocabulary, the rest is well-traveled terrain—close reading, asking good questions, writing concisely. After finishing up my masters, I was sure that this psychology thing was it, so I applied to PhD programs and was accepted at UT Southwestern.”

Nick Wignall will complete his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at UT Southwestern Medical Center in 2015. If he ever gets out of school he hopes to open a psychotherapy and consulting practice.

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