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Bryan Cupp

Affiliate Professor

Department of History
Office: Science Bldg, #238
Phone: 972-721-5097

Bryan Cupp is completing his doctorate in U.S. History at Texas Christian University. His
dissertation, "Forging Identity Through Commodity Exchange: Gulf Region Trade in the
Early Republic" examines the role of merchant trade and consumption patterns in the Lower Mississippi Valley in fostering identity and national affiliation in the years surrounding the Louisiana Purchase. He holds master's degrees in Humanities and American Studies from the University of Dallas; his undergraduate work was in economics at St. Edward's University. Along with an interest in the Early American Republic, his interests include broader histories of the Atlantic World, American maritime history, and Asian history (particularly modern China).

Recent Courses

American Civilization I
American Civilization II
Western Civilization II
Modern China
Atlantic Revolutions


"Forging Identity Through Commodity Exchange: Gulf Region Trade in the Early Republic"

Advisor: Dr. Gene A. Smith

Academic Conference Presentations:

"'Government...shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement': Securing an Empire of Liberty through Trade" 51st Annual Meeting of the Louisiana Historical Association, March 19-21, 2009, Monroe, Louisiana.

"Art and Anxiety on the Range: Cowboy Erwin E. Smith's Photographic Portrayal of a
Declining Frontier Culture" 29th Annual Meeting of the Southwest/ Texas Popular Culture and American Culture Association, February 13-16, 2008, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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