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Nicole Lasswell

After graduating from the University of Dallas in 2003, her teaching career in Spanish began at a small private school, Coram Deo Academy. She taught there four years and it was around the same time, she began her course work for her Master of Arts at UTA. She graduated from UTA in 2006, and that following year, she taught at both institutions, Coram Deo and UTA, for one year. That was when the chance of a lifetime came in the form of a position as Affiliate Instructor of Spanish at UD.

To Mrs. Lasswell, the beauty of UD is that she has the honor and pleasure to work with her professors again, but now as colleagues. As a young student, it was through them where she learned the importance of a liberal arts education and its role in forming a good and complete person. It was evident to her that within language people find a connection, and can therefore find a common truth. The Catholic environment that UD guards so highly is what helps this learning process be more personal and effective.

Mrs. Lasswell’s love of language stems from her childhood. She grew up bilingual in the tiny island of Puerto Rico, and at 12 years old, she and her family moved to Santiago, Chile for two years and then, at 14, to Mexico City, Mexico. It was not until she was 16 years old, that she moved to the great state of Texas. It was a culture shock that made her adapt to the different countries and cultures, but also have a deep appreciation for each place and its peoples. She believes that language is what breaks barriers and what foments change in the world.

Her most recent academic interest is linguistics (more specifically sociolinguistics, dialectology, and second language acquisition), and she hopes to continue her studies in linguistics in the future.

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