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Nursing Admissions Process

Students in a biology lab
Each student will enter a curriculum designed by UD that includes minimal course requirements as outlined by the TWU College of Nursing. Students are encouraged to take as many courses in the sciences as possible, but should realize that a strong liberal arts background is important for the development of well-rounded and successful students and health practitioners.

Students entering UD for the cooperative degree program will be assigned an advisor at TWU who will provide the student with a personal contact during the initial course of study at UD. The advisor will also assist the student in the timely completion of processes, such as completing TWU College of Nursing admission procedures and requirements.

Following successful completion of the initial pre-requisite courses and enrollment in the final set of pre-requisite courses at UD and TWU, students will apply for admission to the TWU Nursing Program by February 1 of their sophomore year.

Students admitted to the TWU Nursing Program will be notified by June 1 unless otherwise specified by TWU. Normally at the end of the fifth year, upon completing all of the Core and major degree requirements at UD and all of the degree requirements at TWU, students will be granted a bacehlor of arts degree in biology from UD and a bachelor of science degree in nursing from TWU. Students who withdraw from this program and who have completed the undergraduate degree requirements at UD will be granted a degree in biology.

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