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Over 75 Region 10 public science and mathematics teachers in grades K-12 attended a workshop hosted by the UD Physics Department in collaboration with the Texas Regional Collaborative on July 28-29.  The youtube video shows teachers learning about General Relativity through a model of a gravitational well.  
About The Physics Department

The scope of studies in physics--from nuclei to stars --is represented in the curriculum of UD's Physics Department and in student research, as well as in the research of individual faculty members. Students who choose to major or concentrate in physics take courses that prepare them for graduate studies, teaching, medical school, and industry. The low student-to-faculty ratio means students are offered many opportunities to interact with professors in courses, laboratories, and research.  In 2013, the department added a dual degree in electrical engineering program with the University of Texas at Arlington.  The department also offers Astronomy, Physics & Technology, and General Physics I and II as Core Curriculum courses.

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