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Welcome to the University of Dallas' Spanish Placement Exam page! Please read the following instructions carefully as they will dictate all pertinent information concerning each student's Spanish placement.

The Spanish Placement Exam, the long form and short form

If a student has not taken the previous required Spanish course, he or she will need to take the Spanish Placement Exam.

The Spanish Section of the Modern Languages Department has two placement exams that students need to take. The long form of the Spanish Placement can be taken off campus and includes reading comprehension and essay questions. Students that need to take the placement exam, the majority of whom are incoming freshmen and transfer students, must take this test during the summer break.

Upon campus arrival, these students must take a short version of the placement exam to ensure proper placement. The shorter version of our placement exam has to be taken in person in room C221 under the supervision of a proctor. Students must present their IDs to the proctor. Times available this semester are as follows:

Monday, September 1st from 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm
Tuesday, September 2nd from 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm

Students will receive confirmation of placement or an email stating that they need to add/drop classes in order to be placed in the correct one.

However, students must still bring both emails (the first one that states the placement they received from the long form during the summer break, and the second one that states the placement they received from the short form of the test during the specific proctored times on campus) to class to show proof of placement.

If the student did not take the online placement exam, he or she cannot take the short form as a replacement. The student will have to take the long form of the Spanish Placement exam in a proctored room on specific days and times.

Process to ensure proper class placement

When to take the placement exam?

New, transfer and current students have to take the online placement exam before classes begin, preferably during the summer break.

However, students that need to take the placement exam once the semester has begun, or students whose one-year placement exam has expired, will only be able to take the Spanish Placement exam in a proctored classroom at a specific day and time.

Placement exam testing will take place during the beginning of the school year, a couple of weeks before the registration period during the fall semester in order to register for spring semester classes, and once again in the spring in order to register for fall classes.

For this Fall 2014 semester, students can come to the Modern Languages language lab on:
Thursday, September 4th from 3-4pm,
Friday, September 5th from 3-4pm,
Monday, September 8th from 3-4pm or
Tuesday, September 9th from 3-4pm

Remember, no student can register for a class without taking the placement exam or taking the previous required course.

Note: It is important to read the instructions carefully and answer all the required questions. Answering the required essay questions will directly affect the placement of the student.

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