2017 Session Recordings

Are you interested in the 2017 Session Recordings?

Complete Conference Set on USB Thumb Drive Price
DMC 2017 Thumb Drive (ENGLISH) $99.00
DMC 2017 Thumb Drive (SPANISH) $49.00
DMC 2017 Thumb Drive (VIETNAMESE) $19.00
Flat shipping charge $5.00

To place an order AFTER the conference ends, you can either pay with a check or a credit card.

  • To pay with a CHECK:

Make checks payable to LCE Media, LLC
Mail this completed form and a check to:
LCE Media, LLC
2321 Big Woods Drive
Batavia, IL 60510

  • To pay with a CREDIT CARD:

Send an email to with the copy of this completed form. LCE Media will reply with an invoice so you acn pay securely online with your credit or debit card.


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