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Departmental Contacts

Reference 972-721-5315
Circulation 972-721-5329
Library Administration 972-721-5328  
Interlibrary Loan 972-721-5057  
Acquisitions 972-721-4122  
Cataloging 972-721-5310  
Serials 972-721-4130  
Systems and Technology 972-721-5040  


Personnel Contacts

Nettie Baker Associate Director 972-721-4031 email
Sharen Baker Administrative Assistant 972-721-5328 email
Liz Barksdale Reference Librarian 972-721-5350 email
Cloe Chauviere ILL/Serials Assistant 972-721-5057 email
Trang Crider Circulation Assistant 972-721-5329 email
Norma Garcia Cataloging Assistant 972-721-5306 email
Deborah Hathaway Acquisitions Supervisor 972-721-4122 email
Cherie Hohertz Dean of University Libraries 972-721-5040 email
Jeffrey Khan Evening Supervisor 972-721-5329 email
Christopher Kirk Circulation Coordinator 972-721-4128 email
Robert Prince Acquisitions / Reference Assistant 972-721-5371 email
Alice Puro Interlibrary Loan Supervisor 972-721-5057 email
Melissa Randall Reference / Cataloging Librarian 972-721-5397 email
Perren Reilley Weekend Supervisor 972-721-5329 email
Charlotte Vandervoort Access Services / Systems Librarian 972-721-5282 email
Susan Vaughan Serials Librarian 972-721-4130 email
Lely White Cataloging Librarian 972-721-5310 email
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