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New Testament Foundations

All Sections of Year 2 with Prof. Giuliano


Suggested Answers

Click this link to be redirected to a page with the suggested answers to the study questions you are to complete each week. They will be made available on Friday morning (12:00 a.m. CST) of that week, after every class for that week has met and all students have had the opportunity to turn in their answers.

Other Course Documents

        Lesson I.1 Notes
        Lesson I.2 Notes
        Lesson I.3 Notes
        Lesson I.4 Notes
        Lesson I.5 Notes 
        Lesson I.6 Notes
        Lesson I.6 Handout: Annunciation Pattern
        Lesson I.6 Handout: Pontifical Biblical Commission Excerpt
        Lesson I.7 Notes
        Lesson I.8 Notes
        Lesson I.8 Handout: Table Fellowship Theme in Luke
        Lesson I.8 Handout: How Should We Think About the Poor?
        Lesson I.9 Notes
        Lesson I.10 Notes
        Lesson II.1 Notes
        Lesson II.2 Notes
        Lesson II.3 Notes
        Lesson II.3 Handout: Ancient Letters Comparison
        Lesson II.3 Handout: Ancient Process of Writing
        Lesson II.4 Notes
        Lesson II.5 Notes
        Lesson II.6 Notes
        Lesson II.7 Notes
        Lesson II.7 Link: Joint Declaration on Justification by Faith
        Lesson II.8 Notes
        Lesson II.9 Notes
        Lesson II.10 Notes
        Lesson III.1 Notes
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