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The following courses are required for both the certificate and master's degree programs:

RPS 6361. The Catholic School Principal. This course addresses the unique mission of the Catholic school and the special demands placed upon the Catholic school administrator. The roles and responsibilities of an administrator in a Catholic school are examined. The expectations of the position and the competencies required to meet the challenges they present are analyzed with special attention being paid to the role of spiritual leader.

RPS 6362. Instructional Leadership. This course includes a study of the major issues, problems and trends in curriculum and instruction. Special emphasis is given to the leadership skills required in the areas of instructional supervision, curriculum development, and staff development in a private or parochial school.

RPS 6363. Organizational Leadership and Planning. This course is a study of the administrative behaviors and organizational structures as they relate to non-public schools. Models for strategic planning and decision making are examined. Issues like diversity, changing demographics, financial crisis and church-school relations are also considered.

RPS 6364. Non-Public School Finance and Development. This course reviews the processes and systems used in the financial management of Catholic and non-public schools. An examination is made of the processes required in planning, developing and implementing a fiscal plan. Discussions also include other aspects of private school finance, including marketing, development and quality management.

RPS 6365. Non-Public School Law. This course reviews the legal issues related to the administration of Catholic and non-public schools, including an analysis of relevant court decisions and case studies.

RPS 6366. Internship. This is a field-based experience in school administration. The intern will be assigned to an administrator in an appropriate school for a minimum of 90 hours. In cooperation with a University advisor, the administrator will provide the intern with opportunities to observe and experience all aspects of school administration.


The following courses are also required for all MCSL degrees:

RPS 6010. Graduate Pro-Seminar. Required of all first-year students, this non-credit course is an introduction to the fields and methods of theological study for ministerial formation. Registration and active participation in all sessions constitute completion of the requirement.

RPS 6311. Liturgy and Sacraments. This course offers a critical survey of the history, theology, and liturgical celebration of the sacraments according to the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church, with special attention given to the role of the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (R.C.I.A.).

RPS 6312. Moral Theology. A critical survey of fundamental moral theology, this course includes the distinctiveness of Christian morality, conscience formation, natural law, moral norms, and decision-making. It provides an entrée into special moral theology, which includes bioethics, environmental ethics, healthcare ethics, sexual ethics, and social ethics.

RPS 6313. Systematic Theology. This course engages students in structured reflection on the Christian communal experience of faith and how that faith is understood, expressed, and lived out in the Catholic tradition. It invites dialogue among students and with the formative elements of Catholic tradition to consider theological method (i.e., How do we do this work properly?), doctrinal clarity (i.e., What does our formative tradition teach?) and pastoral practice (i.e., How do theology and pastoral realities influence one another?). Topics of special focus include revelation and faith, God, the Trinity, Christology, Christian anthropology, and the theology of the church, including Mary and the saints.

RPS 6314. Church History. The focus of this course is on the development of an understanding of the church—its ministry and spirituality—through the early, medieval, Reformation, modern, and contemporary eras. In particular, primary councils, movements, and church figures are considered.

RPS 6336. Catechetics and the Development of Faith. This course introduces the history, theology, and practice of catechesis. This includes the methods, content, and curriculum of contemporary catechesis, with particular focus on age-appropriateness and faith and its maturation in people.

RPS 6360. Ecclesial Documents on Catholic Schools. This course offers a critical examination of ecclesial documents on Catholic education from the Roman Curia and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.


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