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Youth Ministry Concentration

The Youth Ministry Concentration of the Master's in Pastoral Ministry degree combines courses in theology with the nine one-credit courses required to earn a certificate in youth ministry studies from the Center for Ministry Development (CMD).


In addition to the core courses, which are described in the courses section, the following courses are required to receive an MPM with a concentration in youth ministry:

RPS 6141. Principles of Youth Ministry. This course presents the foundational understandings and principles for developing an effective, comprehensive ministry with adolescents.

RPS 6142. Practices of Youth Ministry. This course explores the development of comprehensive youth ministry through the collaborative sharing of the resources in the community. Rooted in a theological and pastoral vision of community life, this course develops foundational understandings that assist leaders in setting and implementing a vision for dynamic ministry with youth, which includes skills for advocacy, planning and organizing youth ministry, as well as methods for collaborative leadership among ministries and within ministry teams.

RPS 6143. Foundations for Ministry Leadership. This course explores the theology, principles, and practices of effective leadership in Christian ministry. Participants explore current leadership concepts and approaches, as well as Christian perspectives on leadership and empowering individuals and teams of leaders for youth ministry.

RPS 6144. Skills for Christian Leadership. This course addresses the theories and skills needed for principle-centered leadership in ministry. Participants develop a practical, working understanding of leadership processes and skills and the experiential ability to use those skills. The course stresses the application of leadership skills to various ministry settings, problems, and issues.

RPS 6145. Evangelization and Catechesis. This course focuses on the developmental foundations and the practices for nurturing faith-growth and Catholic identity in adolescents through evangelization and catechesis. It examines a contemporary approach to developing Catholic identity and Catholic practices in the lives of adolescents. Students learn creative approaches for evangelization and catechesis and develop skills and methods for evangelizing and catechizing adolescents.

RPS 6146. Justice and Service. This course explores the foundations for fostering a justice and service consciousness and spirituality in youth, drawn from scripture, Catholic social teaching, adolescent development, and contemporary catechetical principles.

RPS 6147. Prayer and Worship. This course investigates the foundational role that prayer and worship have in fostering the spiritual growth of youth.

RPS 6148. Pastoral Care. This course explores the principles and methods of caring for young people from various cultures and their families. The course develops an understanding of the breadth and depth of pastoral care, family systems and adolescent development, and the role that cultural identity plays in the development of adolescents.

RPS 6149. Youth Ministry Capstone. Students take this course in their final semester. It provides an opportunity for them to integrate previous coursework and reading with the knowledge and skills required to address particular pastoral tasks effectively.

These courses are facilited by the CMD in more than 35 dioceses across the U.S., making this degree very accessible from across the nation (when the core courses for the MPM degree are taken online). Each CMD course consists of 14 hours of instruction provided over two days. While course schedules may vary by location, they are offered mid-week or on weekends, as well as two at a time during the summer.

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