Fall Issue - October/November 2011

From the Desk of the President  

Dear parents,

If you dropped your son or daughter off for the beginning of the school year or have had the opportunity to visit the campus within the last year you know that navigating the highways and streets around campus can be something of an odyssey. It may not be quite the same as fighting off the fearsome monsters Scylla or Charybdis, but I’m sure that you felt tempest-tossed at times. I have some good news to share!   Read more...  


Fall has finally reached us and we are no longer enduring the 100+ temperatures you may remember from when you dropped your son or daughter off at the end of August.  The temperatures have dropped to the mid 80s and the students are certainly enjoying the cooler weather as they participate in all of the Charity Week events going on.  We just completed the fifth week of classes and mid-terms are quickly approaching.  Is your student ready?  Here is a list of questions you might ask your student to help ensure he/she is on the right track. 

Students have developed a rhythm of going to class, studying, meeting friends on the mall, working out, eating, and sleeping.  While some may find that their schedules work well, others may have discovered that their schedules need tweaking a bit. 

I enjoyed meeting all the parents of new student at Crusader Days Orientation.  For those that were unable to attend, a video of the New Student and Parent Welcome and Orientation Overview session can be viewed here

As parents, you are very important members of the UD community and we wish to be available to you and help you feel confident about your student's experience.  The door is always open and the welcome mat is always out for our parents and families to be a part of the activities and spirit found at UD. 

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding your student's experience, please let us know. 

Best wishes for a successful fall semester.


Valerie Landrum
Assistant Director of Student and Parent Services

Academic Success Office

Did you know the University of Dallas has an Academic Success Advisor?

My name is Brandon W. Jones and I am the Academic Success Advisor for the University.  It is my responsibility to collaborate with the faculty, registrar, academic support staff, and student life staff to maximize student success and enable the successful progression of your student to graduation/program completion.  So if your student is overwhelmed, unsure about their major, or needs academic assistance, have them pay me a visit!  My office is located in Augustine Hall, Room 114.  For more information visit the Academic Success Office webpage


As the newest freshman class at the University of Dallas settles into their residence hall rooms, prepares for their first round of exams and begins building friendships that will last a lifetime, the UD Admissions Team is already busy recruiting the Class of 2016!  Read more about how you can help a prospective family.

Campus Ministry

Our Men's Ministry and Women's Ministry groups have begun the process of prayer and faith sharing this semester.  Our young men and women are forming friendships with each other based upon a shared love for the Lord and a sincere desire to follow in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Soon the faith formation and fund raising for our Alternative Spring Break Trips (ASB) will begin in earnest.  Applications to participate in ASB are due and interviews to secure a spot on one of these trips will follow soon afterwards.

Career Services Update

Career Services hosted Career Services Week on September 12-16.  We hosted a number of workshops co-hosted by Executives and Hiring Managers from Southwest Airlines, Verizon, Deloitte, Cambium Learning, GE Capital, The Irving Chamber of Commerce, Aberg Center for Literacy, and Aquire.  Read more about Career Services Week and how Career Services can help your student explore diverse career opportunities. 

Counseling Corner

Papers due yesterday?  Quizzes tomorrow?  Midterms on the horizon?  Is your student stressed yet?

If yes, well, that's good news.  A little bit of stress helps.  Just enough to motivate your students to deal with the challenge that's causing those funny feelings in the stomach. Read more about how, as a parent, you can help your student deal with stress. 

UD Fitness and Wellness

Physical fitness is an integral part of a college student's success.  Regular exercise reduces stress, improves cognitive functions and elevates one's mood.  The University of Dallas offers students multiple opportunities to engage in physical activities and daily exercise.  Read more...

Rome Sweet Home

Dr. Hatlie proclaims, "So far the fall semester has been fabulous.  This semester's students seem as eager to embrace the challenges of our core curriculum and the pleasures of living in Europe.  It's exciting to see a whole new world open up to them."

Christopher Dowling writes, "Most of us students here on the Due Santi Rome Campus can't even begin to express to you all, our families and friends back home, the kind of adventure we are a part of."  Read more about the students' first hand experience in Rome.

Rome Office

At UD, the Rome Program is a decisive factor in shaping the intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth of students.  Everyone, regardless of major, is encouraged to study in Rome and over 80% of UD students choose to spend a semester on our Rome Campus - usually the fall or spring semester of their sophomore year.

If your student is planning to spend a semester on the Rome Campus during the 2012-2013 academic year, 
click here for more information. 

Student Activities

Dallas Year is UD's off-campus events program.  The program, which encourages students to explore all that the surrounding metroplex has to offer, extends an open invitation to all undergraduate students.  It promises one unique event per week, guaranteeing that there will be something of interest to each kind of student.  The list of past events includes cooking classes, Cowboys' games, museum visits, shopping trips, and downtown excursions.  The University provides free transportation to all Dallas Year events and even subsidizes the ticket costs for events which require paid admission.  Thus, Dallas Year is a manifestation of UD's commitment to cultivate the well-roundedness of its students.  Please visit the Dallas Year website to learn more about this semester's events. 

Student Health @ UD

Here at UD we have a microcosm of what is circulating nationwide, with fall viruses causing respiratory illnesses associated with sore throat, congestion, runny nose, cough, low grade fever and body aches. Usually the symptoms peak at about the 3rd or 5th day and then resolve within a couple of weeks. In addition, we have a 24 hour stomach virus circulating with nausea and vomiting, occasionally with diarrhea. The best treatment for these illnesses involves rest, increased fluids, over the counter cold meds or homeopathic meds, and diligent hand washing to avoid spread to friends. Read more about respiratory infections.

Fortunately, the Flu season hasn’t hit us yet, which it will do with a vengeance eventually. All students are encouraged to get the Flu vaccine, especially since it could hit right around finals. We have the new micro-needle vaccine which is almost pain free, so hopefully more students will take advantage of the vaccine this year. Now is a great time for students to get the Flu vaccine before the flu hits campus. 

The University Health Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 12:30 - 5 p.m.

In the Thick of It:  Parenting Strategies for Mid-Semester

Fading is the excitement of being back or starting new. Students look tired, many have a cold brewing, and some have gained weight while others have lost. Many have failed or skipped something – a quiz, a test, a class. What seemed fun and possible may now be exhausting and even feel unattainable. Some students are thriving, but many are working against a tide of depletion – lack of sleep, poor diet, and stress.

Read more to see how you can be supportive from miles away. 

Thanksgiving Transition

When your student comes home during the Thanksgiving break, it will be a time of transition.  You may have lived separately, while your student enjoyed some newfound independence.  This can be challenging to reconcile when you are living under the same roof.  So, here are some things to keep in mind as you all make this transition work. 

Important Dates

October 13
     Students follow Friday schedule for classes between 8-5    

October 14
     Fall Reading Day

October 17 - 21
     Midsemester Exams

October 21
     Octoberfest - Mall - 9-12 midnight

October 23 
    AlcoholEdu (part 2) Deadline 
    (for incoming students only)

October 28
Midsemester grades available
    call the Registrar's Office at 972.721.5221 for more info

November 4
Last day to withdraw from a class

November 7-18
Early Class Registration for Spring & Interterm

November 14 - 18 
    Spring Housing Registration Week 

November 23
    Lunch is last meal served in Haggar Cafe prior to Thanksgiving

November 23 - 27
    University closed
    Residence Halls open
    Limited food service in the Rathskeller

November 27
    Full food service resumes at dinner

December 8
    Last day of undergraduate classes

December 10
    Final exams begin
    Final Exam Schedule

December 15
    Final exams end
    Food service ends at dinner
December 16
    Residence halls close at 10 a.m.

December 27
    One residence hall open for interterm classes at 4 p.m.
December 28-January 13

January 15
    All residence halls open at 8 a.m.
    Full food service begins at dinner

January 17
    First day of spring semester classes

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Question of the Month

When college students have questions or problems, they most often turn to their parents before talking to anyone on campus--even when the problem is related to the college experience.

What concerns has your student discussed with you so far this academic year?

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