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Midterm grades will be available during the week of March 17. This is your opportunity to assess how well you are doing in your courses and you can see them on BannerWeb.  If you are earning less than what you wanted, go see your professor, stop by the Academic Success office or check out the resources page on the left for more information about ways you can do better. It is certainly not too late to significantly improve your grades! 

April 4 is the last day to withdraw from a course. If you are not doing well enough to succeed by this point in the semester, this will be your last chance to receive a W on your transcript. Please contact Financial Aid and discuss this decision BEFORE doing so as it can impact your ability to keep your entire aid package.

April 7-22 is Early registration for the Fall 2014 semester. Make sure you have all holds completed and go see your Faculty Advisor on time so you get the best possible schedule for Fall semester. If you are having difficulties removing a hold or do not know who to talk with regard to a hold, please ask as we are here to help!

May 10-15 Final exams! Preparation should begin a couple of weeks ahead of time for best results.


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