Fall 2014 Academic Success Programs

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PreHealth Society Introductory Meeting-- Monday, September 8th, 6pm, Gorman A
The first meeting for UD's PreHealth Society, which focuses on preparing students for the PreHealth professions of medicine, dentistry, and nursing, to name a few. Freshmen will meet upperclassmen and be introduced to the officers of the PreHealth Society so that networking becomes part of the life of new students from the very first week of classes! Feel free to bring any concerns or interests you may have to this meeting and be sure to introduce yourself to the officers so that we can get to know you!

Rules of the Game – Monday, Sept. 15th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Would you walk into a baseball field without knowing anything about the game and expect to be successful?  How successful do you think you will be if you approach college using high school rules?  Come to this workshop to make sure you understand the difference between high school and college.  Bring your syllabi.  This workshop is intended for first semester students, although everyone is welcome

College IS Your First Job – Tuesday, Sept. 16th, 12:30-1:15, Art History Auditorium
Being a college student is your first full-time job.  Do you know how to accomplish the necessary tasks as you proceed day-to-day?  Do you know how to talk to your boss (professor) and how you will be evaluated?  Bring a syllabus from each class and begin to plan for success and ways to improve your job performance.  
Success! – Tips from your peers – Thursday, Sept. 18th, 12:30-1:15, Art History Auditorium
Upperclassmen involved in Student Senate and Pre-Health Society will share tips on how to be successful. It is not easy being new to UD. Find out from your peers the best ways to navigate all UD has to offer academically.
Avoiding Communication Confusion: Effective communication with professors – Friday, Sept. 19th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Ever experienced communication confusion with a professor? Does the thought of attending office hours raise your blood pressure?  Come see how to decode a syllabus and learn communication tips to get the right message across. A panel of professors that includes Dr. Espericueta, Dr. Hicks, Dr. Roper, and Dr. Sullivan will teach you how to avoid miscommunication from the start and calm your fears regarding talking to professors.
Adapting to UD – Monday, Sept. 22nd, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
At this interactive workshop, students will learn about making a successful transition to UD.  Now that you are here on campus and have gotten to know your way around a bit, it’s time to delve deeper. With the help of a Student Life staff member you will explore ways to improve your campus experience. We will share our top tips and provide strategies for improving time-management to best balance academics (the priority) and a little fun. 
Homeschool Student to College: Reducing the potential transition shocks Tuesday, Sept. 23rd, 8:00P.M., Location TBA  
Join us for a panel discussion led by upperclassmen that have made the transition from homeschool to successful UD student. Topics such a test taking, time management, student life, and others will be explored.
Note-taking 101 – Wednesday, Sept. 24th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
The most important aspect of note-taking is the format and structure of your notes. Taking effective notes helps you make the most out of your time.  You will learn strategies to make your notes more meaningful and powerful.  Come and experiment new methods of capturing and recording critical points.
Writing Lab Appointments: What you need to know – Thursday, Sept. 25th, 12:30-1:15, Art History Auditorium
Ever wonder what questionsto ask when you go to the Writing Lab? If so, this is the session for you! In this interactive session, a Writing Lab tutor will discuss how to prepare for your appointment and the essential questions to ask.
Study Smarter Strategies – Monday, Sept. 29th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Learn new ideas and strategies to enhance your processing and retention skillsof college level materials.
Sleep Matters – Wednesday, Oct. 1st, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Ever wonder how much sleep you really need? When is the best time to sleep? Can you really learn more with your eyes closed? Is napping an alternative to sleeping at night? How can you set a healthy sleep pattern? The Counseling Center will help answer these and many other questions in this fast-paced, humorous look at sleep, fatigue, napping and more.  Don't miss this opportunity to learn this essential skill needed to excel.
Finding Your Career Path – Wednesday, Oct. 15th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
How can you be sure that you are choosing the right major? The best way to choose the right major is to make a well-informed decision. In this workshop, the Office of Personal Career Development will help break down the process of choosing a major into manageable steps that will lead you, step by step, to a good choice. 
Working Collaboratively: Forming study groups– Wednesday, Oct. 22nd, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Did you know that an effective study group could help you learn faster and be easier than studying on your own? This presentation will touch on the differences between formal and informal study groups, how to get started in a study group, and strategies for holding successful group study sessions.
Raise Your GPA from the Dead – Friday, Oct. 24th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Didn’t get the best start in your classes last year?  Come to this workshop and learn how to raise that GPA for good! Get quick tips and learn techniques that will help you keep your scholarship. The Office of Financial Aid will share the information you need about your UD scholarship.  The road to a good GPA is not always easy. This workshop will be especially helpful for sophomore students who need to bring their GPA to a 3.0 by the end of sophomore year to keep UD scholarships, although everyone is welcome.
Registration and Resume Help… S’Mores – Tuesday, Nov. 11th, 2:00-4:00, Haggar Café
Join the Office of Personal Career Development, Registrar’s Office, and Academic Success as we offer on the spot resumé reviews and registration assistance while making S’Mores by the fireplace in Haggar Café.
Winning the Procrastination Battle – Wednesday, Nov. 12th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Everyone procrastinates now and then; but habitual procrastination may cause you unnecessary stress.  This workshop provides a structured process for examining your individual procrastination pattern, why you do it, and how to stop procrastinating in areas that concern you.  
How Not to Fall Behind Over Fall Break – Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and while it is a time to rest, relax, and recharge your batteries, you can also use this time to be thinking ahead to what you have to do the rest of the semester.  Bring your syllabi so you can walk out of the workshop with a solid plan to balance relaxation with a little end of the semester work and greatly reduce the stress of finals.
Countdown to Finals – Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
Would you like a plan to prepare for your final exams this semester so you can avoid that stressful last minute cramming?  If so, then attend this timely workshop.  Students will learn helpful tips about preparing for finals and develop a plan for what is left of the semester.  Bring your syllabi.
This is an Exam...This is ONLY a Final Exam – Monday, Dec. 8th, 12:00-12:45, Gorman B
To give you that extra edge in preparing for your finals, we offer a workshop that will teach you how to study for extended periods of time, retain that information better, and then apply it to the different types of final exams.

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