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• UD offers over 400 hours of FREE tutoring each week in both the humanities and sciences, including business, chemistry, math, languages, physics, economics, history and philosophy. This fall we have expanded tutoring to also cover computer science, politics and theology which means we have tutors available for all of our Core classes and several other disciplines. Please find the Fall 2015 tutoring schedule here. Tutoring only helps if you take advantage of the services. Please seek out assistance today if you are having difficulties in any of your courses - the tutors and other services are available to help you succeed!

Writing Lab - UD has a very helpful Writing Lab, offering individual 30-minute tutoring sessions for UD students working on essays, regardless of the subject or the student's writing abilities. After each session, the tutor sends a Writing Lab Report to the professor who assigned the essay, summarizing the session and suggestions. The Writing Lab is open Sunday through Friday, with appointments available as early as 10:00 a.m. and as late as 10:30 p.m. A tutoring session may be reserved by signing up for an appointment outside the Lab in Braniff 304. 

Spring 2014 Writing Colloquia - UD Writing program hosted a series of talks on various aspects of the writing process. Several of them were taped. Please view them for another resources to assist you with your writing.


Slides from Fall 2014 presentations: 

Rules of the Game Slides from our September 15 workshop detailing some of the differences in requirements and expectations between high school and college.

College is your First Job Slides from our September 16 workshop discussing how you should treat college like a full-time job for maximum success.

Note-taking 101 Slides from our September 24 workshop discussing aspects of the note making process and strategies to make them more meaningful. 

Spring 2015 presentation:

Retaining Your Scholarships Slides from our February 3rd workshop discussing how you can raise your GPA and who to speak with in regards to Financial Aid questions. Please come see us NOW if you are worried about your academic achievement. 

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