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The Cor Fund

Cor - NOUN: heart; mind/soul/spirit; intellect/judgment (pl.)

The Cor Fund is the life blood of the University of Dallas. The Cor Fund supports all aspects of the University of Dallas and allows us to keep costs affordable for students and maintain a high level of academic success. This year, the goal of the Cor Fund has been increased to $1.25 million dollars.

The Cor Fund supports five main areas:


Student Scholarships

At the University of Dallas, we strive to ensure that students who want to pursue an education at UD have the scholarship and financial support they need. Approximately 95% of students receive financial aid at UD.

Faculty Development

Faculty Development

The Cor Fund helps ensure that our faculty maintain their recognition as experts in their field, have the ability to conduct research and have the resources they need to utilize new technology in the classroom.

Student Development

Student Development

The Cor Fund helps support programming and initiatives through Campus Ministry, Student Government, Student Programming at UD, honor societies and professional societies which helps enable students to develop themselves as future civic and faith leaders.

Student Health

Student Health and Well-Being

Student success is predicated on having a sound mind and body. The Cor Fund supports essential services for our students including Health and Wellness Services, counseling services and the Maher Recreation Center which are available to all students.

Campus Enhancements

Campus Enhancements

With a growing campus population and changing technology needs, UD strives to enhance all of our facilities in a way that provides for an optimal educational experience. The Cor Fund helps support technology advancements, energy efficient building enhancements, the creation of new student spaces, laboratory upgrades, and general facility maintenance.

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