Landscape Affected

 Landscape Affected

Scott Anderson-David Linneweh-Christopher Schade-Jackie Tileston-Tommy Fitzpatrick-William Betts-Russ Havard-Daniel Blagg-Seth Adelsberger-Michael Francis


April 3-May 3, 2009

In this exhibit artists paint landscape as subject or point of departure. The works in the show range from observed places, simulated environments, to complete fabrications of place. All the artists deal differently with space and illusion but the content of each is informed by some form of a lens through which the artist looks. This lens may literally take on the form of a camera, the minds eye, or may involve a technology or technique which makes evident a form of mediation. No matter the method, the imagery and sense of space is undoubtedly affected by the way each artist embodies the transformation through painting.

Curated by Kim Cadmus Owens

Christopher Schade, Glowing IslandChristopher Schade, Island (evening), 2002Christopher Schade, Island (morning), 2002Christopher Schade, Island at Dusk, 2003Daniel Blagg, Dream Keeper, 2006David Linneweh, Re-assembled Dallas 2, 2008David Linneweh, Re-assembled Dallas 3, 2008David Linneweh, Refurbished Laramie 4, 2008David Linneweh, Refurbished Syracuse 2, 2008Jackie Tileston, Nirvanopolis, 2008Jackie Tileston, Phenomorama 2, 2008Jackie Tileston, Phenomorama 4, 2008Michael Francis, Case Study City No5, 2009Michael Francis, Case Study City No6, 2009Michael Francis, Study City No2, 2009Russ Havard, Beyond the Horizon, 2006Russ Havard, Skyline, 2006Russ Havard, Storm Pattern, 2006Scott Anderson, Cabin Vision, 2008Scott Anderson, Portage, 2008Scott Anderson, Subtera, 2008Seth Adelsberger, Jargon with Smog, 2005Seth Adelsberger, Scaffold I, 2008Seth Adelsberger, Scaffold II, 2008Tommy Fitzpatrick, Fountain Place, 2005Tommy Fitzpatrick, Transfer, 2005

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