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Facilities equipment is University of Dallas property and users are responsible for returning the equipment in clean serviceable condition. If Facilities equipment is damaged or destroyed the user is billed for the costs of repair or replacement.

Facilities Equipment and Services

Equipment & Accessories

The Facilities Department provides equipment & accessories for campus sanctioned events. This is done through the submission of a work request.

The listed equipment & accessories are subject to change without notice.

Items we do not provide

We do not provide tablecloths, skirting, or bunting for tables. ARAMARK Services must be contacted to reserve those items. They can be reached at extension 5025.

We no longer provide cardboard moving boxes to move books or files.

We do not manufacture engraved signs. We must order them at our expense. We will order standard name plates for departmental door identification, however specialty (desk name plates) signs must be ordered & purchased by the requesting department at their expense. Contact the Purchasing Department for University approved vendors.

We no longer provide electric space heaters to offices, nor do we recommend that you bring one from home. They overload the electrical outlets and cause circuit breakers to trip. We do not provide fans of either commercial or industrial grade for university events; the blowers that Facilities maintains are for emergency ventilation purposes or for the drying of wet carpets & furniture.

Services that we do not provide



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