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Recycling on Campus

Jerry Haba is the Director of Facilities and also the  Recycling Supervisor. He can be reached at (972)721-5018.

Facilities Recycling Programs

Your Facilities department is committed to environmental compliance. Not only do we follow EPA /TCEQ guidelines in the disposal of the wastes generated here on campus, we have also partnered with Balcones Recycling Inc. to bring the campus some pretty remarkable recycling opportunities.

During the semesters, Facilities recycling-student workers, and Facilities custodial staff remove recyclables from campus buildings, & campus student housing.


Items Accepted for Recycling

∙White Office paper                                                           ∙Sticky Notes

∙Colored office paper                                                         ∙Carbonless Forms

∙Computer paper                                                                ∙Books

∙Envelopes (with or without windows)                          ∙Paperboard

∙Note cards                                                                           ∙Newspaper

∙Glossy Paper                                                                       ∙Paper bags

∙Magazines & Catalogs                                                       ∙Aluminum Cans

∙Glass (goes in 95 gallon totes on Haggar Dock)          ∙Plastics

∙Cardboard (goes into "cardboard only" containers)

Items NOT Accepted for Recycling

∙Chemical Wastes                 ∙Feminine Napkins             ∙Styrofoam

∙Light Bulbs                           ∙Sharps (of any kind)          ∙TV Dinner aluminum trays

∙Pesticides                              ∙Aerosol Cans                       ∙Food Wastes

∙Oily Rags                               ∙Grease & Oils                      ∙Wet Paper Towels

∙Petroleum Products            ∙E-wastes                               ∙Paints             

∙Lab (Bio) Wastes                 ∙Scrap Metals

∙Thermometers or any mercury containing equipment (MCE's)

We recycle and dispose of these items on a regular basis, just not in the main campus recycling bins. If you have any questions regarding the items just mentioned contact Facilities at (972)721-5296.


In order to be as efficient as possible please follow these tips...

  Recycling Container Locations

  1. Haggar Dock: Cardboard, Glass.
  2. Haggerty Science Dock: Mixed Stream, Mixed Paper.
  3. Parking Lot O: Mixed Stream.
  4. Each buildings' floor, as well as the department offices have a recycle container .
  5. Each residence hall floor has a recycle container.


Fall 2015 Recycling


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