Counseling Center

Even though college is a time of learning and exploration, there is also the inevitable stress that comes with college life.  The University of Dallas Counseling Center seeks to provide opportunities for students to work towards a more balanced life style.

At the Counseling Center, we realize anxiety, depression and a host of other personal struggles can prevent students from obtaining their full potential.  To help students overcome obstacles and achieve a healthy well-being, the Counseling Center provides both individual and group counseling. 

The UD Counseling Program:

Counseling is available for all undergraduate students, as well as for those graduate students who are enrolled fulltime and completing coursework (not attending part-time or otherwise employed fulltime).

Services Provided:

We provide counseling related to all late adolescent and early adulthood issues (for example, personal identity and social and relationship concerns), all college life issues (coping with the various challenges of university life such as managing time and interacting with new social groups), and psychological issues such as depression and anxiety. In addition to individual counseling, we offer group counseling opportunities as requested.

Concerns Addressed:

In order, the top concerns brought to counseling at UD are depression, relationship issues, family of origin issues, anxiety, stress and coping, and sexuality issues. No problem is too big or too small for counseling.


Haggar University Center, 2nd floor

Office Hours:

The counseling office is typically staffed Monday through Friday in the afternoon and hours vary from week to week; meetings outside those hours may be arranged directly with a counselor. Students typically contact a counselor directly through phone or email.


There is no cost for counseling services.

Number of Sessions Allowed:

There is no limit to the number of sessions allowed.


Because of the nature of the counseling relationship, counselors are both ethically and legally bound to honor the confidentiality of their clients.

Making an Appointment:

For Mike Brock, call 214-364-4154 or email; for Mary Armstrong, LPC, LCDC, call 972-935-3691 or email; for Doug Scott, LCSW, call 214-998-1742 or email