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2015-2016 Undergraduate Residence Hall

Contract 'Terms and Conditions'

(We recommend that you either print a copy of this page for your records or bookmark it for future reference.)



The term of this lease is for the 2015-2016 academic year, beginning August 21, 2015 for new students or August 23,  2015 for continuing students and ending either May 13, 2016 at 10 a.m. or, at the discretion of the Office of Student Life at the University of Dallas, two hours after the last final exam. Only graduating seniors may remain until immediately after graduation May 15, 2016.  THE RESIDENCE HALLS ARE NOT OPEN OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK OR SPRING BREAK.

New residents must submit a $200 housing deposit to guarantee compliance by the Student with this lease. Should the university use all or part of the deposit during the lease term to fulfill obligations to the student under the lease, the student will pay on demand the sum representing the difference. At the termination of this lease or on-campus residency, if there is no damage to or loss of furniture, furnishings and/or equipment, and if the premises are clean and in good condition, normal wear and tear accepted, the housing deposit will be returned to the Student, provided the Student furnishes the Office of Student Life with proper notification by a deadline date. Should the university determine the student is not entitled to a return of the deposit, it will provide upon demand to the Student reasons in writing. This deposit may also be used to pay down any remaining balance still owed to the university by anyone leaving the university for any reason.

Failure to properly notify the Office of Student Life of a campus housing cancellation via the online 'Commuter Form' prior to July 1st for the following fall semester or December 1st for the following spring semester will result in forfeiture of the housing deposit.
Students who withdraw or do not return for any reason will forfeit their housing deposit.
The deposit may be reinstated for students who return to a campus residence from an official Leave of Absence or who are readmitted to UD within 2 years.
"No shows" will be considered as a cancellation and will also forfeit the housing deposit.

The Student leases occupancy of a room in a Hall from the University of Dallas, for the undergraduate Fall and Spring semesters. The Student will be entitled to occupancy of the Hall on the opening day announced prior to each semester.  The Student must vacate the room on or before the announced closing times for each break and on or before the end of each academic term as determined by the official University calendar located in the University Bulletin.  Occupancy during Interterm, Mayterm and the summer semesters is independent from the above and will be billed accordingly.

Campus hall residents must participate in the Food Service Program.  Freshmen and Sophomores are automatically placed on the All Access Plus Meal Plan.  Juniors and Seniors who live in the halls are automatically placed on the standard All Access Meal Plan.  Juniors and Seniors may upgrade to the All Access Plus plan via the online Meal Plan Change Request Form by the publicized deadline date each semester.  No credit or refund is allowed for meals not eaten by the Student. Only the Student to whom it is issued will use a meal card for food service.  Use by another person will result in disciplinary action.

The University assigns the Student to a bed space in a residence hall and reserves the right to reassign the Student to another bed space. This includes the consolidation of students holding room contracts who are without roommates.  The official consolidation policy is outlined in the undergraduate student handbook.

The University will provide all maintenance for the exterior, infrastructure and common areas of the building. The Student will reimburse the University on demand for the cost of any repair or replacement of glass, including plate glass, caused by the Student or a guest of the Student. Students will, at their own expense, clean the interior of their rooms. At the termination of the lease, the room will be delivered up clean and in good, comparable condition. The Student will be responsible for, and fully indemnify the University for any damage to the room, its furnishings or equipment occurring during the lease. Students will make no holes in the walls, woodwork or floors of the room, nor will the Student paint or make any alterations, additions or improvements to any portion of the room during their lease.

Arrangements for ALL guests (same gender) must be made in advance with the Office of Student Life.
Fees for guest(s) staying more than three (3) nights will be billed to the account of the resident. The Student will be responsible for any loss or damage caused by themselves or their guest(s) through carelessness, by accident, or willful intent to the furniture, furnishings, equipment, or buildings which the leased space is a part.

The Student will not assign any rights under this contract or sublet or permit any other person to occupy the assigned room in the hall unless specifically authorized by the University in writing. The student agrees to comply with all rules and regulations of the Hall and of the University as set forth in the Student Handbook, and the Student agrees to comply with all applicable federal and state laws. The University may make reasonable additions to or changes in existing rules and regulations as deemed necessary.

Living on campus implies acceptance of a residential contract and all related policies whether or not a contract submission is on file in the Office of Student Life.

The University's personnel may enter the Student's room at any reasonable time without prior notice for the purpose of maintenance repairs, in the case of an emergency, in the case of the necessary evacuation of the building, in the protection of University property, for security reasons or with prior notice. The University's personnel may enter the room for other reasons in the presence of the Student. If the room is found to be in other than a clean and sanitary condition in the University's opinion, the University will notify the Student, and if the condition is not corrected within 24 hours, the University may have the room cleaned and the Student will be responsible for the cost of restoring the room to a clean and sanitary condition.

The University does not assume responsibility for the theft, loss, damage or destruction of personal property kept in the Residence Hall. It is strongly recommended that Students insure their own personal property.

A student who officially withdraws from the University of Dallas during the fall or spring semester is allowed a refund of room and board charges following the below refund schedule. Each week is calculated from the last day of the academic add/drop period. A week is seven calendar days long beginning immediately after the closing of the add/drop period. Refer to the General Bulletin for the official ending date of the add/drop period for the semester of withdrawal.

*Before move-in: 100%

*After move-in and through last add/drop date: 80%

*First week after the close of the add/drop period: 60%

*Second week after the close of the add/drop period: 40%

*Third week after the close of the add/drop period: 20%

*From the 4th week on after the close of the add/drop period: 0%

This contract for ENROLLED students is for the Fall and Spring semesters and is fully binding for the entire period. All requests for termination of this contract must be in writing and submitted to the Office of Student Life for approval. Residents who become eligible for 'commuter' status and voluntarily break their housing contracts while still enrolled during a semester are subject to the same refund percentage guidelines for room and board as students that withdraw from the University mid-semester (see above WITHDRAWAL section). In addition, actively enrolled students will be charged a Contract Breakage Fee for the term the contract is broken following the schedule below. This fee is charged for the TERM that the contract is broken - not for the date of notification.

*After contract is accepted and before August 1st: $100.00

*After August 1st and prior to official move-in date: $300.00

*Fall Semester: $400.00

*Spring Semester: $600.00

Students found to be living off campus without official 'commuter' status will be billed the standard room charge.

The University, by giving not less that three (3) days notice, may terminate this contract for the following reasons, which are construed to be in violation of this contract:

a) Disorderly, illegal, immoral, or other improper conduct in or near the University campus;
b) Misuse, abuse, theft or destruction of the property of other students or of the University;
c) Possession or use of firearms, fireworks, ammunition, explosives of any kind, inflammable or deadly weapons of any nature or illicit drugs in or near campus;
d) General behavior by the Student over a period of time that is indicative that the Student is not able to adjust to the requirement of group living, or which is otherwise detrimental to the welfare of other students or staff living in the halls;
e) Possession or harboring of pets or animals of any kind or permitting the entry or maintenance of pets at any time in the Hall; and
f) The failure to report any violation of the rules and regulations of the Hall or the University of Dallas to the Office of Student Life.

The termination of the contract for the above causes will follow the same refund rules as a withdrawal.

The Student acknowledges the right of the University to terminate the contract at any time because of violations of the contract or rules of the University by the Student. The Student will vacate the room prior to the specified date in clean and good condition as when received, reasonable wear and tear excepted. Student acknowledges that in the event of termination of the contract, neither the University nor any of its employees will be liable for damages to the Student.

In the event that the room assigned to the Student is destroyed or otherwise made unavailable by an act that is beyond the University's control, and the University cannot furnish adequate accommodations within 15 days, the Student or University, at their option, may declare this contract null and void.

The University will not be liable to the Student or any guest or invitee, or to anyone in privity with them, for damages to the person or property occasioned by any defects in the residence halls or by any other cause or any act, omission, or neglect of Student or any other students residing in the residence halls. The Student agrees to hold the Hall and its officers, agents and employees harmless from and against all liability expenses and costs, including attorney fees connected with any claims, demands and/or causes of action of any kind which arise out of or is related to any accident, casualty, damage or loss that may occur in, on or about the University's property involving the Student and/or guest or invitee of the Student. This indemnity and hold harmless provision applies even if such accident, casualty, damage or loss is claimed to be in any way the negligence of the University, its officers, agents or employees.

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