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IR Reporting Calendar

Fall 2011  
Month Item Categoy
August USN&WR Online Undergrad Program Survey ESV
  USN&WR Online Education Program Survey ESV
  USN&WR Online Business Program Survey ESV
  IIE Open Doors International Scholars Survey ESV
  IPEDS - Institution Identification and IC Header Survey FR
  NCAA GRS and Enrollment Verification IR
  NCAA Financial Aid Report IR
  Peterson's Interim Expense Survey ESV
  SAT Validity Study ESV
September Census Extracts IR
  Merritt Research Services ESV
  ICUT State Report Verification SR
  ICUT Preliminary Enrollment Report SR
  ICUT Board Membership Certification Report SR
  Center for the Advancement of Catholic HIED Survey ESV
  Dallas Business Journal Survey ESV
  Business Week Business School Survey ESV
  Texas Monthly College Guide Survey ESV
  Princeton School Solutions Survey ESV
  UD Web Updates IR
  UD Fact Book Updates IR
  UD Retention and Graduation Rates Report IR
October IPEDS - Institutional Characteristics Survey FR
  IPEDS - 12-Month Enrollment Survey FR
  IPEDS - Completions Survey FR
  THECB - CBM001 Enrollment Data Upload SR
  THECB - CBM009 Degree Data Upload SR
  UD Advising Reports IR
  State Demographer's Report SR
  Sloan Survey ESV
November NACUBO Tuition Discount Survey ESV
  ICUT Student Cost SR
  ICUT Aid by Ethnicity SR
  ICUT Other Aid to TEG SR
  ICUT Enrollment Capacity SR
  ICUT Geographic Distribution SR
  ICUT FTCE Enrollment SR
  ICUT Credit Hours Summary SR
December College Board UG Survey ESV
  ICUT Research Expenditures SR
  ICUT Research Expenses SR
  ICUT Endowment SR
  TEG Needs Survey SR
  Hobsons Key Facts Survey ESV
FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ESV=External Survey Vendor
Spring 2012  
Item Category
January IPEDS Human Resources Survey FR
  IPEDS Student Financial Aid Survey FR
  ICUT TEG Survey SR
  Peterson's Survey of Graduate and Professional Institutions ESV
  CGS/GRE Graduate Survey ESV
  AAUP Faculty Survey ESV
  CUPA-HR National Faculty Survey ESV
  SACS-COC Institutional Profile IR
February Census Extracts IR
  Princeton CDS/RDS Surveys ESV
  Peterson's Survey of UG Institutions ESV
  ICUT FT Faculty Salaries and Tenure Status SR
  ICUT FT/PT Faculty Rank, Gender, and Ethnicity SR
  ICUT HS Students Graduating in the Top 10% SR
  NSF/NIH GSS Student Funding Survey ESV
  UCAN UD Profile ESV
  UD Advising Reports IR
March THECB - CBM001 Enrollment Data Upload SR
  Wintergreen Orchardhouse Survey ESV
  ACT Graduate School Survey ESV
  Peterson's UG Financial Aid Survey ESV
  Peterson's Graduate Survey ESV
  Barron's Profiles of American Colleges ESV
  IIE Open Doors U.S. Study Abroad Survey ESV
April ICUT Transfers SR
  IPEDS Fall Enrollment FR
  IPEDS Graduation Rates (6-year and 8-year) FR
  IPEDS Finance FR
  USNWR Main Survey ESV
  USNWR Financial Aid Survey ESV
  USNWR Finance Survey ESV
  Princeton Review UG Survey ESV
May Fiske UG Survey ESV
  CIC Kit Review ESV
FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ESV=External Survey Vendor
Summer 2012  
Month Item Category
June TEG End-of-Year Report SR
  Higher Ed. Publishing Directory Survey ESV
  UD Campus Survey Development and Updates IR
July SACS-COC Financial Profile IR
  Annual Institutional Effectiveness Goals and Plans Distribution IR
  ASAP Core Curriculum Evaluation IR
FR=Federal Reporting, SR=State Reporting, IR=Institutional Reporting, ESV=External Survey Vendor
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