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International Student Health Insurance 

(Watch for policy changes coming August 2014)

The University of Dallas requires that all International Students, those in F-1 status, carry medical insurance during their program of study. (F-1 International students are non-US citizens who come to the United States from other countries on F-1 visas.)  Accepted students receive an information sheet on the university policy with their I-20. Students are enrolled on the policy through the International Student Services Office. Premium charges are added to student accounts at the university business office.

The policy is provided through StudentInsure, a division of Trawick International, Inc.
Visit their site to review the policy.

Students arriving on campus with their own study abroad policy that conforms to the criteria for international student insurance as described on the information sheet, are eligible to apply for a waiver of the university policy within the first 15 days of the academic term.  

PLEASE NOTE: After Summer 2014, incoming students will no longer be able to apply for waivers on the basis of having purchased a different policy

 Students who want to include their dependents (spouse/children) may do so by providing the details at Orientation.  Dependents currently in the US must be insured at the same time as the student, they not be added later.  Dependents arriving later must be insured within 30 days of arrival (verified by passport records).  They cannot be added later.  

Your coverage will be automatically renewed each term that you are enrolled in class.  The University will prepay your premium and your student account will be charged the premium shown below.   Please note:  in order to receive grades, transcripts and diplomas, all accounts with the University must be paid in full.  This includes all insurance premiums prepaid by the University.

Insurance is encouraged and can be purchased for terms you are not enrolled but remaining in the US, i.e, vacations or Practical Training period.  See the International Student Advisor to continue your coverage during these times.

HEALTH INSURANCE PREMIUMS for August 15, 2013– August 14, 2014

Classification                 Premium per Month                 
Student only                                     $126                                    
Spouse                                                $295                                     
Children (each)                                  $95                                       

Note:  A single student insuring him/herself pays the "Student Only" premium.  A student insuring him/herself and a  spouse or a spouse and child must pay the 4 month premium for each of those dependents in addition to the "Student Only" premium.

(Watch for policy changes coming August 2014)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Why am I required to have medical insurance?
 A. - Medical services in the US are very expensive. F-1 students on limited funds are at risk if not insured. The university also bears a responsibility to the community to insure that medical bills do not go unpaid. The requirement for insurance is placed on the I-20.

Q - Do I have to purchase the University plan for International students or can I purchase my own plan?
 A - Students who arrive in the US having already purchased a "study abroad" insurance plan before departing their home country can apply for a waiver from the university requirement. However any such plan MUST meet the criteria for adequate coverage - see page on Insurance Waiver.

Q - Can I purchase coverage only one month at a time?
 A - No. Because of the administrative procedures involved, month to month enrollment cannot be accommodated. Students will be enrolled for insurance each academic term they are registered for classes. This will include the breaks between terms.

Q - Do I have to purchase insurance during my annual vacation?
 A - Students who take no classes during a vacation term and, additionally do not work for the university during vacation, are not required to carry insurance during that vacation.

Q - What is the procedure for purchasing insurance?
 A - F-1 students complete an insurance enrollment form either at an orientation session or when registering for their programs. The International Office compiles the information from these forms to send to the insurance company.

Q - Will I get a bill from the insurance company?
 A - No, the charges for your insurance will appear on your student account at the university business office.

Q - Can I get coverage on the university policy as soon as I arrive in the US, or do I have to wait for school to start?
 A - If you want insurance coverage to start before the start of school, contact the International Office to make special arrangements.


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