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Undergraduate Programs - 

Constantin College of Liberal Arts 

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science

Constantin College of Liberal Arts offers Bachelor level degree programs (first degree after high school) which include a substantial and coherent core curriculum and major studies in the humanities, art, and the natural and social sciences.  The School of Ministry offers an undergraduate major in pastoral ministry.  The Satish & Yasmin College of Business offers an undergraduate  major in business. 

Graduate Programs

Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts

Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts

The Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts offers master's degrees in a variety of liberal arts disciplines. Each area of study is informed by a unique sense of paideia, the education of the soul (by which the Greeks meant the basic self). 

American Studies                             Art                                 
English                                                Humanities
Philosophy                                          Politics
Psychology                                          Theology

Doctor of Philosophy

The institute of Philosophy Studies offers a coherent and unified program that finds its chief expression in an interdisciplinary core curriculum which enables students to participate in a common quest for wisdom through the differing and complementary disciplines. 

Literature                       Philosophy                       Politics

Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business

 Master of Business Administration

The MBA program is designed to teach both hard and soft business skills to enable students to manage organizations in today's competitive business environment.

Master of Science

The Masters of Science programs are ideal for students seeking in-depth knowledge in four functional areas of business.

Accounting                                            Cybersecurity
Finance                                                   Information &Technology Management

Doctor of Business Administration

The Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree is an applied research degree which offers experienced business professionals the opportunity to expand their breadth of knowledge and abilities to apply rigorous investigative research methods to problems faced in business organizations .


School of Ministry

The School of Ministry programs help students acquire a deeper appreciation for the wisdom and beauty of Catholic tradition while developing the pastoral skills necessary for effective ministry. The School of Ministry offers the following graduate programs and degrees:

Master of Catechetical Ministry (MCM)
Master of Pastoral Ministry (MPM)

Campus Ministry                                     Church Management

Family Ministry                                       Hispanic Ministry

Health Care Ministry                               Pastoral Life & Administration

Youth Ministry

Master of Theological Studies (MTS)

Biblical Studies                                          Secondary School Teaching


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