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Intramural Sports Policy

Eligibility Policy

It is the responsibility of the team captain to ascertain the eligibility of his/her players prior to captain's meeting. Eligible participants for UD Recreational Programming intramural sports, tournaments, classes, or events include:

All participants must be able to present a valid University ID at all intramural sport, tournaments, classes or events.

While the University of Dallas Student Activities and UD Rec Programming encourage an active lifestyle and participation in Rec Programming activities, it is UD Rec Programming's and Student Activities' policy that Alumni are prohibited to participating in Intramural Sports, Tournaments, Classes, or Events. These events are reserved for current students, faculty, and staff only.
*See NCAA Student Athlete Involvement.

Policy Regarding NCAA Student Athlete Involvement in Intramural Sports

Note: all NCAA students athletes must fill out NCAA waiver and have their coach's to permission to participate in all Intramural Sports.

While NCAA students are encouraged to participate in Intramural Sports upon completion of a NCAA waiver and with their coach's permission, it is UD Rec Programming and Student Activities policy that:

Policy Regarding "Ringer" Participation

All players must be listed on the original roster. "Ringers" may not be brought in for any games or participation. This includes any person eligible to participate in Rec Sports or any person outside the University.

The following penalties and sanctions apply if a "ringer" or person outside of the University of Dallas is suspect or caught participating in an Intramural sport, class, event, and tournament:

If a "Ringer" or non rostered player is found participating in an intramural sport, the player will be removed from the game and disqualified from play. Teams are subject to forfeiture or disqualification if found with ineligible players.

Captain's Responsibilities

Alcohol & Intoxication

For the safety of all players and referees, any player that arrives at a game under the influence of alcohol or intoxicated will NOT be allowed to play. If it is discovered by the referees that a team is playing under the influence, then the team will be forced to forfeit the game. If a team violates this rule more than once, they will forfeit the remainder of their games and be disqualified from the playoffs. Furthermore, fans are NOT allowed to bring alcohol or other substances to the games, whether the games are at the fields or in the gym.


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