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Virtual Tour - Freshman Hall Room

How to Control Quicktime VR Panoramic Movies

In order to view the VR Quicktime video, you will need to have the Quicktime viewer installed.  It is available from the Apple web site HERE.

First, wait for the Quicktime VR file to download. (The Quicktime logo will be replaced by the opening scene of the movie).

Next, place your cursor in the movie window frame and click once to activate it.

Now click and hold as you drag the mouse/cursor to the left and right, and up and down. The more you move to the left or right, the faster you spin. You can even move the cursor out of the frame. But you must always begin each move with the cursor within the frame. You can also use your keyboard arrow keys instead of your mouse.

Finally, use the Shift key to ZOOM IN, and the Control key to ZOOM OUT.

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