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August will be full of excitement as your son or daughter prepares for his or her UD experience. August and the start of the fall semester bring adjustments in all aspects of a student's life. Whether it is packing items for the new residence hall room, or discussing expectations and the mixture of emotions, your household will be going through many changes. Parent and student communication is especially important during this time. Provide reassurance, but resist the urge to step in and take care of your son or daughter's dilemmas.

Common Stressors

Anxiety along with excitement of a new living situation

Assuming responsibility of day-to-day activities

Anxiety of leaving high school friends or friends at home

Worry about making friends and fitting in on campus

Anxiety of a more challenging academic environment

Questions to ask of myself

How will my life change when my son or daughter leaves for college?

How will I successfully challenge and support my student?

What way will I get involved with my student's university experience?

Ways to help

Reflect upon the transitional changes you may experience and how these will impact the family

Discuss with your son or daughter how these changes can be exciting and may be filled with many emotions

Consider discovering a new hobby or activity

Acknowledge the role your son or daughter has in the family and celebrate this role and the changes to come

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