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In addition to persistent academic and social issues, 'cabin fever' often sets in. Remind your student about the various campus resources including professors and the Counseling Center. With Spring Break right around the corner, now is a great time to discuss his or her plans.

Common Stressors

Homesickness may reappear

Cabin Fever sets in - Students may get stir crazy during the cold and cloudy days

Students begin making plans for Spring Break and may be disappointed if they are not included or cannot afford to join others.

Questions to ask

How are your classes this semester?

Are there any faculty or staff members that you have gotten to know well?

What are your plans for Spring Break?

What Alternative Spring Break trips are offered?

What campus activities do you participate in?

Ways to help

Challenge, yet be supportive, as your son or daughter contemplates Spring Break plans.

Make sure Spring Break plans are well thought out and in line with your family's expectations.

If your student is disappointed that he or she is not going anywhere for Spring Break, suggest ways he or she can recharge over the break.

Encourage involvement in campus activities - particularly if he or she was hesitant to join in the fall.

Continue to encourage your student to visit professors during office hours.

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