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March brings us not only Spring Break, but also midterm exams. It is important that students do not get so wrapped up in Spring Break plans that they lose sight of what needs to be done at school to be successful. It is also a time to be thinking about living arrangements and class schedules for next year.

Common Stressors

Preparing for and taking midterm exams

Receiving midterm grades and readjusting study efforts

Completing projects and papers

Running short on money

Questions to Ask

What has been the hardest point of the year thus far?

How did you overcome it?

What accomplishment are you most proud of this year?

What goal is motivating you to finish this year strong?

Ways to Help

Send your student a (snail-mail) card or note stating how proud you are.

Celebrate your student's accomplishments.

Offer to visit your student during Family Weekend.

If you sense your student has developed 'spring fever', ask how you can help motivate him/her.

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