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The end of the academic year brings another bag of mixed emotions.  Students are realizing that once final exams are over, they will be packing up and moving home for the summer.  Students may also be concerned with family reaction to their academic performance.  It is important for family members to understand that grades alone do not provide a full picture of a student's academic progress.

Common Stressors

Stress over final exams

Worry about jobs/internships over the summer

Depression over leaving friends for the summer

Questions to Ask

What needs to be accomplished this summer to assure you have a successful return in the fall (financial aid, registration for classes, housing, etc)?

Tell me about your expectations in regards to....(curfew, communication, etc).

Ways to Help

Remind your student about all the resources available on campus (Counseling, Academic Success Office, Career Services, Campus Ministry, tutoring, etc).

Send your student a care package to help him/her make it through the 'home stretch'.

Support your students and help him/her develop solutions to the problems he/she may be facing.

Celebrate your student's accomplishments!

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