Spring Break Safety

Spring Break Safety Tips

While Traveling

  • Always carry an ID with you.
  • Stay with friends, especially if you are in an unfamiliar area.
  • Think basic safety: 
    • Check emergency exits in the hotel.
    • Know local telephone numbers (usually 911) for an emergency.
    • Do not ride with drivers who have been drinking.
    • Wear your seatbelt.
  • Be familiar with the laws, customs and standards in a given country or state.
  • Before leaving town, lock doors and windows in your home and car. Draw curtains or shades so valuables will not be visible.

Have fun and relax.....responsibly!

Underage drinking is against the law, and consequences are always severe!  The safest choice is not to drink even if you are of legal age.  If you choose to drink, please be responsible and safe about it.

  • Eat before you drink -- do not drink on an empty stomach.
  • Make sure you have a non-drinking designated driver.
  • Stick close to friends that you know and trust.
  • Set a limit on the number of drinks you will consume -- never more than one drink per hour.
  • Never leave your drink unattended, and always say no if you are offered a drink by a stranger.
  • Remember that any amount of alcohol impairs judgment.
  • Never mix alcohol with prescriptions or other drugs.

Other Things to Remember

  • Protect yourself at the beach or on the ski slopes - sunblock, appropriate attire, safety equipment, etc.
  • Before hitting the road, be sure to check all fluid levels in your car and tire pressure, and check for worn tires.
  • Stick to a pre-determined budget for the week. Keep track of cash, credit cards and passport.
  • Stay with your friends at all times. Do not wander off by yourself in an unfamiliar location.
  • Make sure a family member knows where and with whom you will be so you can be easily contacted in case of emergency at home.
  • Make sure someone has your emergency contact information.

These topics are not always the easiest conversations to have with your student, but your advice and guidance can be essential to ensuring safe and responsible decisions.  We want every UD student to have a relaxing and safe spring break.