August 25: Fall 2013 Romers Visit St. Peter's

FL13 First Days

The morning after their arrival, the students were awakened bright and early for a visit to St. Peter's Basilica. The buses left campus at 6:30am and arrived in St. Peter's Piazza during its empty morning hours. A light shower could not dampen the students' enthusiasm to see the basilica, many for the first time.The vast beauty of the facade welcomed them as they walked up its majestic steps to see the interior.

Mass was celebrated for the students at the altar of S. Giuseppe (St. Joseph) inside St. Peter's Basilica. After Mass, students were broken into small groups and given orientation tours of Rome led by faculty and staff members. They were introduced to the history of the city, its major monuments, and some of practicalities of Italian life, such as ordering a coffee and crossing a Roman street.

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