August 28: Fall 2013 Rome Scavenger Hunt & Dinner in the Castelli

FL13Scavenger HuntFall 2013 Romers continued their first week in the Eternal City with a jam-packed day that included a scavenger hunt in Rome and dinner in the Castelli. The morning saw students learning how to make their way into Rome using public transportation. After waiting an hour for a bus, some learned that the Italian buses don't always show up when they are supposed to! Once in Rome, the Student Life Assistants challenged them to find their way around the city while competing in a scavenger hunt that asked them to locate, within a mere two-hour period, as many important monuments, historic streets, and interesting people as they could. The excursion ended at Lake Albano for a swim and dinner of local fare that included roasted pork, grilled local vegetables, buffalo mozzarella, and a variety of rustic sausages and cheeses.

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