August 31: Fall 2013 Castelli Romani Excursion & Wine Tasting

Fl13 Wine TastingThe hill-towns of the Castelli Romani that surround UD Rome's campus are known for their beauty, history, and richly diverse local culture. Rome is a city of brick and marble, while the Castelli feature a landscape of verdant hills and valleys, dramatic volcanic peaks, and shimmering lakes. As the close of their orientation week, students and staff explored these riches in an afternoon outing. They stopped at Castel Gandolfo to see the Holy Father's summer residence, eat gelato, and hear from Dr. Hatlie and Ryan Ready about the history of the local area. They then traveled to Nemi to admire its volcanic lake and wonder at the former site of a cult to Diana.

That evening the students were treated to a wine tasting and formal dinner on the campus grounds. Campus chaplain Msgr. Thomas Fucinaro guided the students through the various steps of how to taste wine, and gave some information on the regional characteristics of the specific wines being tasted. The students enjoyed a sparkling wine at the campus' scenic pool, a white wine and rosé in the piazza, and a robust red wine with dinner.

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