Orientation Schedule

Fall 2015 Rome

Rome Meetings 

Orientation meetings are held every semester for each Rome class. These meetings are meant to help  prepare the students before they depart. At the end of the semester a final dinner is held to celebrate the departure of the Rome class.

  • March 16
    Italian Culture
    4pm in Art History
  • March 18
    Italian Culture
    4pm in Art History 

April 7
Rome Registration
6pm in Lynch 

  • May 6
    Farewell Dinner
    5pm in Haggar Dining Room

Rome Lectures

Every semester several lectures are offered by past Rome faculty on sites in Rome and their relation to the core and the disciplines. All Rome applicants are required to attend at least one of these lectures. All lectures are held in the Art History Auditorium. For more information about lectures offered this semester please visit the Rome Lecture Series website.

  • February 17

    6pm in Gorman A
    Dr. Waterman-Ward

  • April 22
    5pm in Art History
    Dr. Crider

Rome Due Dates

Throughout the semester students will be submitting a number of items to the Rome Office in order to obtain flight itineraries, visas and register for classes. It is extremely important to meet all deadlines. Missing deadlines can jeopardize a students' Rome status.

  • March 26
  • Student Assistant Application and Scholarship Applications

  • April 10
    Extension for SA applications
  • April 17
    Registration, Counseling, Release of Records, Roommate Form, Dinner RSVP, Address Form, Rome Fee, Flight Form, Visa Application, Actual Passport, Passport Photos, Affidavit from Parents
  • May 1
    Own Arrangements Ticket Confirmations
  • June 15
    Group flight payment, Medical Update Forms
  • July 29

    Business, Library and Rome Clearance including copies of Prescription Receipts and Doctor Clearance if applicable

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