religious life

Religious Life

It goes without saying that the majesty of the Roman Catholic Church and the model of its pious saints provide an added stimulus to spiritual growth and religious reflection. Rome is never far from the hearts and minds of UD students as they live out their Rome semester.

UD Rome is committed to providing a complete on-campus religious life program for all of its students. To that end our Rome chaplains are present on campus several evenings a week throughout the semester, including Sundays, providing Holy Mass and Confession. During the chaplain's office hours, students also have the opportunity to receive vocational and spiritual direction, together with catechetical instruction for those preparing to enter the Catholic Church. The chaplain's office organizes two optional retreats each semester, one for men and one for women. Rome chaplains also participate in program-sponsored travel, including the Greece and Northern Italy trip. A special Chaplain's Lecture Series is offered each semester, which brings in internationally known guest speakers. An informal conversation on various complex theological topics, called the Dead Theologians' Society, meets weekly.

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