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Michael Daugherty

Michael Daugherty

Latin in Rome 2007

"Latin in Rome interested me since it seemed (and, as I later found out, truly is) the perfect combination of travel and study, of fun and self improvement. The chance to see the greatest sites of Rome and to study Latin, the language of the culture which set up the city for its eternal fame, was one that I could not pass up. My favorite memory from the trip was the visit to Pompeii, where for hours on end, one of the tutors, Scott, and I wandered around the city discussing, what the daily life there must have consisted of and proposing suggestions as to what all the various contraptions and anomalies could be. It was the pinnacle of the program for me since it took the information we had been studying and allowed us to apply it towards a greater appreciation for the ruins of Pompeii. If I had not been reading Pliny's letter about the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and had not been hearing from the professors about the events of that day, the site visit to Pompeii would not have been as meaningful and stimulating as it was. Latin in Rome was the best decision of my life. Those three weeks were the ones during which I had the most fun and the most memories of any time in high school. Almost four years later, I still keep in touch with the other students on the trip and can easily say that at the end of the three weeks we were like a family. I would suggest to anyone who has the opportunity to attend to do so, because one cannot even imagine what an amazing and life changing experience it is."


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