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King Fellow Award 2019

King Fellow Citation 2019 - Mark Goodwin

The King Fellow is awarded this year to a teacher and scholar who is known for a very unassuming, humble disposition. Always willing to help when asked by students and colleagues for advice or a recommendation, this professor is also frequently called upon to serve the greater interests of the university. As a lecturer he is extremely diligent in the preparation of his lectures, which are crafted word for word. Every year, he renews and polishes his preparations for classes, from freshman to graduate level. The passion and scholarship he demonstrates in this freshman core class has frequently led students to change their major.

His service to the university community is extensive and significant. He has served as chair for many years, as well as interim dean. He has been instrumental in developing a Jewish Studies concentration and promoting interreligious dialogue at UD with members of the other Abrahamic faiths. Most notable are his regular synagogue field trips, co-hosting Chief Rabbi of the UK Jonathan Sacks for the 2014 McDermott Lecture, and organizing the Nostra Aetate 50th Anniversary event at the Meyerson a few years ago. He has also been responsible for developing several new courses for our theology curriculum, including “Judaism I and II” and, most recently, “Catholic Biblical Interpretation.” He has served on many committees, including as a current member of the Faculty Senate, and also on multiple faculty and administrative searches. Outside the university, he is also involved in regularly giving talks on biblical topics in DFW parishes and teaching biblical courses to men studying for the diaconate in the DFW dioceses.

This past summer, he joined faculty of the School of Ministry to help lead a tour of the Holy Land. His scholarship on Paul is recognized by Catholic Biblical scholars across the nation. His current research has now expanded from Paul’s theology of the living God to include patristic scholarship and its reliance upon Pauline thought, demonstrating the continuity of patristic thought with its apostolic legacy. He is a man of great faith, piercing intellect, and deep compassion.