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King/Haggar Scholars 2019

2019 King/Haggar Scholars Projects

Irene Alexander
Funding in partial support of writing a book on the underlying philosophy of nature in John Paul II’s Veritatis Splendor and its application specifically to bioethical principles.
Jennifer Bannister
Funding in partial support of attending the Early Scholar Consortium and to present a paper at the 2019 American Accounting Association Conference.
Janette Boazman
Funding in partial support of presentations on “Parenting the Gifted Child” and “Gifted Student Hopefulness: A Goal Directed Strengths Approach for Student Success and Personal Well-Being” at the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children’s biennial conference as well as attendance at the board meetings for the National Association for Gifted Children Conference.
Scott Churchill
Funding in partial support of presenting a paper, “The Role of Heidegger’s ‘Existentials’ as Guiding Lights in the Analysis of Lived Experience” and offering a workshop at the 2019 International Human Science Research Conference in Molde, Norway, as well as presenting a paper on social justice for the elderly at the 2019 Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association.
Jonathan Culp
Funding to support books necessary for his research on Orwell.
Katie Davis
Funding in partial support of research and writing of a chapter in the first section of The Edinburgh Companion to Jane Austen and the Arts. The chapter will consider moral philosophy in the Georgian/Regency period and how it affected Jane Austen’s artistic practice.
Rich Dougherty
Funding in partial support of presenting a paper at the XVII International Conference on Patristic Studies at Oxford on Augustine’s treatment of Roman heroes.
Robert Scott Dupree
Funding in partial support of a graduate student researcher to help with two projects. The first is an edition of the unpublished essays of Louise Cowan relevant to her theory of genre, as part of a series planned by Bainard Cowan. The second is a book on urban planning, specifically focusing on the urban experience as described by poets.
Chad Engelland
Funding in partial support of focused work on completing a manuscript entitled “Phenomenology” for the MIT Press popular Essential Knowledge Series.
José Espericueta
Funding in partial support of the study of Nahuatl, a Uto-Aztecan language spoken in Mexico since prior to the arrival of the Spanish, in order to attain a basic level of proficiency.
Theresa Kenney
Funding in partial support of the presentation of a paper on Sedulius and his hymn’s impact on the development of the Nativity lyric, before and after the Reformation, at the annual Medieval Conference in Kalamazoo. This grant will also support travel to London to attend the Jane Austen Society of the UK Reading Day.
Andrew Moran
Funding in partial support of study of Shakespeare’s use of figurative language in relation to various comedic modes and conventions in seven plays, all with an eye to considering the ethical import of playfulness for Shakespeare.
Nefer Muñoz-Solano
Funding in partial support of the presentation of a paper entitled “Central American Journey to Healing: Movements and Displacements,” regarding the Guatemalan film “Distancia” directed by Sergio Ramírez. Muñoz will also lead a panel concerning Central American migration at the International Congress of the Latin American Studies Association.
Laura Muñoz
Funding in partial support of a two day intensive training on Integrated Marketing Communication strategy and practices.
Carmen Newstreet
Funding in partial support of attending the American Shakespeare Center’s Black Friars Conference in order to broaden understanding of Shakespeare in performance and education so as to further the goals of UD’s Shakespeare Conference.
Cynthia Nielson
Funding in partial support of completing an article which treats of aesthetics and ontology, as well as Gadamer and Kant, and to present it at the North American Society for Hermeneutics in September.
Kelly O'Briant
Funding in partial support of greater knowledge in two technical aspects of ceramics, glaze chemistry and non-ferrous metal fabrication or wood fabrication, in preparation for an exhibition of new sculptural works at Texas A&M Commerce in the spring of 2020.
Rich Peregoy
Funding in partial support of travel to Beijing for the presentation of seminars and workshops on the intersection of Spirituality and Wuity to faculty, students, and business and government executives.
Marisa Perez Bernardo
Funding in partial support of research at the Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut in Berlin, in relation to a book project entitled “Theories of Translation in Spain and Latin America.”
Mark Petersen
Funding in partial support of a faculty-student research collaboration concerning the “Bulletin of the Pan-American Union,” a magazine published by the Bureau of American Republics from 1893-1948. The research will culminate in a paper and poster at the 2020 American Historical Association in New York City.
Aida Ramos
Funding in partial support of travel to the University of Notre Dame’s libraries for research on the monetary and financial theory of Jonathan Swift in comparison to his contemporaries George Berkeley and the Dublin Society.
Deanna Soper
Funding in partial support of presentation of a research project at the Evolution Meetings Conference in Providence, RI. The project utilizes our brand new Scanning Electron Microsope (SEM).
Stephanie Swales
Funding in partial support of finishing a book project for Routledge tentatively entitled, Empathy Reconsidered: Psychoanalytic Investigations into when it helps and when it harms.
Inimary Toby
Funding in partial support of the presentation of research on ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) at the annual conference of the International Society for Biological Calorimetry in Basel, Switzerland.
Matthew Walz
Funding in partial support of the completion of notes, commentary, and essays for a translation of Thomas Aquinas’ Summa theologiae Part I, questions 90-92, in relation to their foundational role in Pope John Paul II’s theology of the body.